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Meet Kenny Leonore

Kenny Leonore is a Proud Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Pianist and CEO/founder of  Kenny Leonore Productions

He is an experienced young blood in the music industry that infuses the much-required enthusiasm to deliver quality music products as per the client’s satisfaction. With his pragmatic music sense, he has taken the responsibility to employ strategic technology for his business expansion in emerging markets.
He is known for his determination, passion, and accuracy in delivering results. Every initiative undertaken by him has achieved various milestones and applauded locally and internationally.



Music Arrangements (Beats)

Do you have Incredible musical ideas?
Musical inspirations you want to unleash from your soul.

Let’s make that dream song come alive NOW!

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Music Pharmacy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the stress of life?

What helps is Music

Discover the astonishing power of this powerful therapeutic songs TODAY.


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Music for Business Places

Ready to recharge your workplace?
The right soundtrack can turbocharge the productivity of your employees, improves their creative thinking, and just increase the better well-being of the entire organization.

Background music influences how customers think, feel, and spend in your offices, restaurants, shopping malls, Gym, and any other business venue.

Check out our unmatched collection of Workplace Music and get your staff motivated and your customers in the perfect mood to spend.

Music for Films, TV, Advertising, Games, Online Creators

Music is the literature of the heart.

The perfect background music captures the moment, hooks the viewers from the very beginning, and evokes the intended emotions around your message. Getting your viewers completely immersed in the scenes you’ve created.

Check out our extensive library of Top Notch high-quality music, find the perfect music that best tell your story, that speaks to your audience.


Music Productions Services

Are You Looking for a passionate Music Producer who can turn YOUR Musical Dreams into Reality?

Kenny Leonore and his team of world class musicians, composers, music arrangers, mixing and mastering engineer, having access also to other musicians from around the world, can deliver the kind of authenticity your music requires

You are at the RIGHT place!

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