To create, provide, expand, and contribute positively to the world through life-changing music experiences for all.



To be a catalyst to ensure that every mind becomes their best version with access to active music-making.



We lead through positive action and Innovation. We are committed to serving the mind. We are the Power of making music.


We inspire and motivate others to become the best version they could be; by creating and providing quality opportunities and experiences for every mind we serve.


We do our best with love and passion to create the best as if it’s our last chance, at KENNY LEONORE PRODUCTIONS we are committed to achieving excellence. We have a Dream, We Believe in it, We Create it with passion for music-making.


We are grateful and thankful for making it happened and want the mind to be inspired by something they can believe in.



We exist to shape culture through the power of artistry. KENNY LEONORE PRODUCTIONS is located in Terre-Rouge, Mauritius; we are an international Record label and Music Production Company. We offer a background music solution with a profiled music service tailored to your needs. We create sounds that accommodate hotels, bars, concert crowds, and much more. It’s simple: KENNY LEONORE put together a branded music strategy for you, with the perfect music curation whether you’re a songwriter, musician, film-maker, or content creator.

Our delicate mixes, musical instruments, and related accessories are crafted for your audience. Everything we do is driven by the quality of music. At KENNY LEONORE PRODUCTIONS; we are more than just a record label; we are a lifestyle. Artists whom we work with are a perfect example of this principle. They are equipped to contribute significantly to musical life in this country and internationally.



Mauritian born (July 23, 1988) Music Producer Kenny Leonore has accomplished boundless depths and heights in his music career. He is the CEO and Founder of Kenny Leonore Productions. He recently produced Twenty Albums and eighty-four singles that are pinnacles for New-Age, Pop, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Gospel, World Music and new artists namely “Focus” by Teddy Strings, “Held Up” by Hietrev, “LAMPEL” by Lampel, “Jianchizhu” by Peter, “Grace” By Kaliyah, “Cupid Touch” by Danielle Feliciane-Diemahave, “Life Story” by Sheldon Keys, etc… in collaboration with hundreds of musicians across the globe.

He did also Produced singles for international artists like Filipino Singer JM1 for his singles “Damgo”, “Naana”, “Dawaton Ko”, “Pasko”, Chinese Singers Avachen and Gia For their Singles  “Flight Diary”, “ Somnambulate” Mauritian Singer Ras Jamino For His Singles “Never Give up”, “Summertime”, “Twa Fam”, Australian Singer Mel C for her single “Respé”, “Boy”, Filipino Singer JUVY for her single “Life”, South-African Singer-Songwriter Oscar Toorn For his Single "Ah-Ah". The Italian Singer-Songwriter Eleonora Pierro with her song “LʼApparenza.”, etc... He produced and arranged songs for the American Singer-Songwriter Anne Souren, “Listen to the Rain” and “Best Friend (No More)” which has been nominated and recognized as the 2018 Best Song Winner under R&B/Soul Category by Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles. 

His work with Films, TV, Commercials, Games, and Documentaries are also relentless. Now he is currently working as a Cartoon Music Composer for Shanghai TV Station in collaboration with Chinese Producer Jeff Liu.

Under his belt as a Music Composer are, the documentary “The History of Astronomy in China” by Film Director Rene Seegers, “City of Frames” for Giorgio Armani directed by Luca Infante among many others.

Kenny Leonoreʼs prodigious gift in music has been realized early in his life.  At the age of three, he started playing the keyboard. At the age of five, he became the keyboard player in the St. Francois Xavier Church wherein he became an apprentice of his Musical Director Roland Jean. He began arranging music in high school for his School Band and Choir for music competitions. He has been winning and garnering awards and recognition for his work.  At the age of twelve, he started working in Five Star Hotels, Piano Bars, Cruise ship, and many other live performances with bands or as a one-man-band.

His horizons in music became wider as he served as a Musical Ambassador for Mauritius touring London and Paris. In 2006, as he turned eighteen he was immediately hired as a Music Teacher for a High School in Loreto College Port Louis, Mauritius.

Kenny Leonoreʼs passion and experience in music is insurmountable. Rubin Romeo, his music theory and classical & Jazz piano mentor, introduced him to the Royal School of Music. Then, he started expanding to the international arena and left for Malaysia with his Band “Upbeat.” Eventually, he moved to China and took a position as Musical Director in 5 Star Hotels such as Shangrila Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Crown Plaza Hotels, CJW Lounge Bar, and so on.

He had the chance to work with international performers and artists such as Meachie Day, the Jackson Twins, Dean Shao Hua, Greg Luttrell, Coco Rouzier, Cecilia Stalin among many others. He also performed and went on tour with renowned Bands and Artists in China like Paige Su by SONY Music, Taiwan. He also shared a stage as a Piano player with the international sensation Jazz Bass Player Jeff Berlin. 

KENNY LEONORE is experienced young blood in the music industry that infuses the much-required enthusiasm to deliver quality music products as per the client’s satisfaction. With his pragmatic music sense, he has taken the responsibility to employ strategic technology for his business expansion in emerging markets. He is known for his determination, passion, and accuracy in delivering results. Every initiative undertaken by him has achieved various milestones and applauded locally and internationally.