Music Arrangements (Beats)

Do you have Incredible musical ideas?
Musical inspirations you want to unleash from your soul.
But the only thing missing from completing your Chart worthy single is the Beat.

And you know, that the secret to having a commercially viable sound is in the production. A dull beat can undermine a good song.
What you need is beats that allow your creativity to shine through.
Beats that connects you to the music of your soul.

Beats that inspires you to make songs everyone would love. ...even complete strangers! That gives expression to your inner voice.
And that doesn’t sound generic like 99% of the beats you’ll find online.

I’ve done the hard work for you.

For the past 10 years have been creating and engineering music masterpiece
I have engineered, mixed and/or produced records for hundred of artists
With wonderful success stories that will make your head spin with delight
My expertise ranges in ​​Emotional Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Island Vibe, Pop, RnB, etc... So, whether you are a global setting artist or new to the industry.

I’m here ready to help you. Regardless of your genre, style, or audience.

And to be frank, I can’t promise a chart-topping hit single. But I can guarantee that the beats you’ll get from me will be mind-blowing, top quality, and contemporary.

Let’s make that dream song come the link below to gain complete access to our entire beat collection
Select the one that fits your tune, style, and genre.
Click the order button and you’ll instantly get you chart worthy, top quality musical beat.

I want your next single to be sensational.
Just click the button below and let me assist in creating that masterpiece everyone would love....even complete strangers!

Music Pharmacy

Living in this world means you are constantly susceptible to stress.
Sometimes it may seem as if they are too many-Job is lost, Health falters, Loved ones passed away, Relationship gets rocky, stress comes like a tidal wave.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the stress of life?
Your heartbeat racing, your blood pressure may sour, palms are sweating and your face tightens up.
The fact is your mind is designed to heal and handle all that comes your way.
But first your body all the help it needs to heal in a natural way.

What helps is Music
Music has long being a conduit of healing. It lowers our heart rate and deeply relaxes our body and mind
They help relax us, Release us from the brooding constraints of everyday life, and ultimately help us let go.
But not just any type of music heals.

I’ve used my deep knowledge of how music can evoke emotional responses to relax or stimulate people or help them heal.
Combined with my familiarity with a wide variety of musical styles and production techniques to create the perfect personal Healing music.

It’s unlike anything you can ever find on the internet. It’s music with therapeutic powers


The Music Pharmacy helps conjure up desired emotions. It contains Music to Sleep, Music to wake up, Music for Motivation, Music for Reading, Music for Thinking, Music to Relax, Music to feel high, Romantic Music, Music for Making Love, Music for Party, Music for meditation, Music to heal sickness, Emotional Music and so much more.


You’ll find the tracks so relaxing that within seconds you be floated to your desired state. Regardless of whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling​.


My life has been dedicated to uncovering the practical things you can do to feel better every day.
I constantly get testimonials from people who tell me they now smile more, have more hope, feel less stress, and now live better lives.

And that’s my ultimate joy and I want that for you.
Discover the astonishing power of this powerful therapeutic songs today. Click the button below, and gain access to a life of total bliss

Music For Business Places

Tons of research around the world affirms the power of the perfect mix of music in the workplace.

Whether you are a small organization with just a couple staffs, or a large multinational corporation with thousands of employees around the globe.
The right soundtrack can turbocharge the productivity of your employees, improves their creative thinking, and just increase the better well-being of the entire organization.


And you know, customers love music.
Music has a powerful way of floating them into our world.
Background music influences how customers think, feel, and spend in your offices, restaurants, shopping malls, Gym, and any other business venue.
s impact on the bottom line is overwhelming.


But with the endless options at our fingertips, finding the right music that suits your business can be a challenging task.


Not anymore!


From ambient music to upbeat sounds. Our music collection of over 10000 soundtracks is specifically tailored to boost employee morale, increase focus on the task at hand, improve customer experience, and ultimately increase sales.
No matter the Industry, Business, or Venue...we got the perfect song.


Ready to recharge your workplace.
Check out our unmatched collection of Workplace Music and get your staff motivated and your customers in the perfect mood to spend.

Music For Films, TV, Advertising, Games, Online Creators

Music is the literature of the heart.

The perfect background music captures the moment, hooks the viewers from the very beginning, and evokes the intended emotions around your message. Getting your viewers completely immersed in the scenes you’ve created.


So whether you’re searching for:

●  Perfect Fitting quality music to evoke the desired mood in your TV programs and


●  Engaging music tracks that draws your audience in while strengthening your brands

for your marketing and advertising videos.

●  High-quality background music for your YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos.

●  A great soundtrack that brings your Game to life, propels the game plot, and put the

users in the desired mood.

We’ve got the right choice, whatever your project and wherever your location.


Our catalog offers high-quality music across multiple genres, evoking desired emotions and sets the mood for the desired action.


No matter what style or genres of music you are looking for, we’ve got you covered.


Check out our extensive library of Top Notch high-quality music, find the perfect music that best tell your story, that speaks to your audience. Purchase a one-time extremely low licensing fee and you can use the music, however, and whenever you want to.

Music Production Services

Kenny Leonore offers his skills to the world of Music!

To create, design, inspire and hearten you towards any and all styles of music you wish to fashion.

Film, Game scoring, Media Composing, Private Studio sessions, music / vocal arrangements, beats, mixing & mastering and more.


The growing trends of musical technology and geographical barriers are no hindrance for this upcoming phenomenon.

Well experienced, well traveled and well loved, Kenny Leonore and his team can turn your musical dreams into reality.


To invent and bring into existence your prowess for music is not only his talent, but his responsibility!


Get ready to be MOTIVATED. Get Ready to be AMAZED. Get ready to make YOUR IDEAS come to life!


Mike Diemahave, Songwriter

Excellent work
High quality production
Team work


Coco Rouzier, Singer-Songwriter

Passionate, super duper patient and incredibly talented and Never gives up on you as an Artist! I loved working with him in the studio! Kenny is “The Producer” I would choose again and again!!


Claudia Masueger, Founder & CEO CHEERS Wines

It was a pleasure working with Kenny Leonore and his passionate and engaged team. The cooperation was extremely supportive, very professional and fast. I would work with him again.